Data Science-Driven Mobile Financial Services Hold the Key to Unlocking $70 Bn for Telcos

Today’s mobile operators are besieged seemingly from every side. Digital disruptors in the form of Over The Top (OTT) players have threatened already tight revenue streams, while direct competitors are battling it out over network and price. Meanwhile, customers are increasingly expecting more specialized and highly personalized services thanks to their on-demand experiences across other industries.

Fortunately, operators are well-poised to dominate in a digital disruption landscape, due in large part to data. Mobile operators have the benefit of access to near-infinite amounts of data on their subscribers; data which, when properly mined, has the power to transform customer experience and significantly impact the bottom line.

Data science is a trending topic for these operators; as it becomes clear, its application holds the key to two distinct concerns for telcos:

  1. First, how to transition from collectio ...
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