Delta ID Brings Iris Recognition Technology to Payments Authentication

Delta ID Inc., a company focused on bringing secure and convenient biometric authentication to mass-market computing devices, has announced its ActiveIRIS technology. The new technology was demonstrated by Fujitsu and other partners at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Delta ID's patent-pending ActiveIRIS makes the iris in our eyes a unique and secret "password" that we never have to remember. Users will only have to look at their devices to unlock them, and can then proceed to log into a bank account or make an online/mobile payment. ActiveIRIS is the world's first iris recognition technology that can be easily integrated into mass-market and mobile/PC devices, and is extremely easy for consumers to use. Delta ID is working with major mobile/PC platform providers and multiple mobile/PC OEMs to bring this technology into the next generation of mobile/PC devices.

Katsumi Takada, Corporate Executive Officer, SVP, and Head of Mobile Phones Unit at Fujitsu Limited, said in an official press release, "Fujitsu is constantly looking at innovative ways of making our mobile devices easier and more secure for the consumer. We are very excited about how Delta ID's iris recognition technology can enhance the user experience of our devices and also provide a higher level of security required for enabling various services.

Delta ID's ActiveIRIS technology includes patent-pending software that enables iris recognition, using simple hardware that can be easily integrated into mobile/PC devices. This could indeed have wide scale applications in the payments industry. If the technology can actually be integrated as effectively as the company claims, that would represent a major opportunity for POS terminals. Just imagine a POS terminal fitted with the iris scan technology, and the iris scan details acting as a key for accessing payment details. Delta ID has the potential to come up with something that could make payments as easy as a ‘scan of the eye’.