Design Thinking: Evolving the Global Business Landscape – A Research Report by MEDICI

The modern business landscape has evolved. The core business focus has moved from operational excellence to innovation. The customer is now at the center of the pyramid, around which processes and products revolve, all tied together with a common thread of design.

One of the defining characteristics of a business is how it treats its customers. With the fast-paced, competitive nature of the corporate world, customers have increasingly become aware of the influence they hold over businesses. Thus, leaders must learn to adapt to this ambiguous world. To navigate these murky waters, design thinking is the way to go. In financial services, one of the most important factors is to understand the customer and see things from their perspective. Powered by empathy, design thinking really helps shape the industry.

From front-end packaging to product innovation and iterative business processes, the idea of design has come a long way. The financial services industry has had a glimpse of the potential of design thinking in the way FinTech has disrupted the market with their accurate problem finding and customer centric problem-solving approach. With every success story, design thinking is evolving from a concept to a mindset and is gradu ...

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