Devices and Unconventional Channels Are Turning Into Payments Platforms

The payments segment was the hottest FinTech segment in 2016 – financial technology companies around the world raised a total of ~$36 billion in financing across over 1500 funding deals from over 1700 unique investors (not taking into account M&A deals). Representing less than a quarter (22%) of the funded pool, the Payments/Loyalty/E-Commerce segment secured almost 40% (over $13.5 billion) of total funds raised, while, with 29% of representation, Banking/Lending companies are responsible for just 26% ($9.3 billion) of raised funds.

With payments being at the center of attention, no wonder companies across industries are looking for ways to integrate payments capabilities into as many devices/platforms and channels as possible.


Virtual reality (VR) is probably one of the biggest shots for the retail industry given the rapidly increasing number of adoption cases. Some estimates suggest that 43 million people owned VR products worldwide in 2016, and this is set to grow to 170 million by 2018. To leverage t ...

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