Digicash Expands to Include New POS Beacons that Support QR, BLE and NFC

Digicash, the bank led payments service, has expanded its QR-based mobile payments platform. It now includes new POS beacons that support QR Code, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and NFC technology. The new Digicash Beacons are being tested in Luxembourg, Europe.

The test is being conducted ‘under field conditions’ by certain banks – Post, BIL and BCEE at Cora supermarkets; as well as a few convenience stores and Apple reseller Lineheart. The first SEPA payments with Digicash using the Beacon concept have been successfully performed in the last weeks according to them.

This video gives you an overview of Digicash Beacon Payment:

  • When using Digicash Beacon, required payment-related data is transmitted automatically to the payer’s smartphone when the phone is held close to the device.
  • Terminals at the POS use the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, as well as NFC and QR Codes.
  • This automatically provides the user with the best user experience based on the features of his smartphone.
  • Users who want to pay by Digicash do not need to link a credit card or to top-up a wallet.
  • Payments made using Digicash are performed directly from the user’s existing bank account using SEPA credit transfers.

With the Digicash Beacon, the underlying concept is still the same: the only change is the technology that triggers the payment. As a pioneer in mobile bank payments, the Luxembourg-based firm Digicash Payments once again finds itself at the cutting edge of technological development and as a result, is helping to define future payment trends at both a national and European level.