Digital Coupon Apps for Apple Watch Help Shoppers Save!

The launch of Apple Watch, now home to more than 3000 apps, marked a significant event for denizens of the digital world, as it has paved the way for quick and easy payments with just a tap of the wrist. Knowing the significance, many technology providers are developing apps optimized for Apple Watch with customer convenience in mind. One such app is the Valpak coupon app that helps consumers save with digital coupons.

The Valpak app helps users in finding the coupons for stores and services within a 25 mile radius of their location—this includes, but is not limited to, discounts for restaurants, health and beauty, and automotive categories. To use the Valpak app, shoppers need to download the app and tap on the Valpak icon. Shoppers then choose a category, such as restaurant, and select an offer within the area to receive directions to its location. A unique coupon code will be displayed on the screen which can be shown to the store clerk to redeem the coupon.

The Valpak app is compatible with Apple’s mobile wallet Passbook, along with Samsung and Google wallets that enable users to download and store the coupons ahead of time; the stored coupons will then pop up on the watch screen when the device is in proximity of the participating business.

About Valpak

Valpak is a subsidiary of Cox Media Group, based in Atlanta, which runs 14 broadcast TV stations, 59 radio stations and seven daily newspapers in a total of 20 media markets, reaching 52 million Americans weekly. Valpak finds innovative ways to connect businesses with consumers with close to 40 million homes receiving The Blue Envelope of savings monthly in addition to traffic on The Blue Envelope is a cooperative direct mail medium that contains a mix of ads from national, regional and local advertisers.

Other similar coupon apps on Apple Watch:

The Apple watch app is also a savings and digital promotions app that displays digital offers for shoppers to show or scan at checkout. The app also displays offers that are linked to the users’ credit cards. These discounts are directly credited to their Visa, MasterCard or American Express cards. For shoppers with a account, the app has a feature that changes color when they add a card linked offer directly to their credit cards, indicating that the offer is valid and will be automatically redeemed at checkout.

The app displays a list of offers with the closest retailers on top. When shoppers choose an offer from the list, additional details about the offer such as the address, phone number and a map will appear on the watch. Shoppers can use the map to reach the destination.


Retale, a location based mobile platform that connects more than 3.5 million shoppers with major retailers locally, has launched their app for Apple watch. The app uses geofencing proximity alerts to enable users to clip coupons inside the app. The clipped coupons can be redeemed at the stores, and users receive proximity alerts and notifications when they are close to the stores. Retale replicates the print circular experience in a digital format, providing users with the location based information to find the best deal at a store nearby.