Digital Couponing to the Rescue of Mobile Payments

Millions of coupons are used at retail stores month after month. The inefficiency in executing paper coupons combined with consumer mobility is forcing the players to go digital.

With growth in redemption volume for digitally discovered coupons exceeding 200 % annually, is the paper coupon dead?

What role will mobility play in this segment?

There are traditional coupon players going digital and several start-ups and a number of wallets of course…who will win this race?

According to a research report, there are around 560 Mn mobile coupon users and the number is expected to rise to 1.05 Bn by 2019. In U.S. alone, the number of digital coupon users had surpassed 103.5 Mn back in 2013. In U.S., 49% of smartphone users and 10% of tablet users have used mobile coupons.

Source: Statista

Knowledgefaber, a payments and commerce focused research firm predicts that digital couponing would grow at a double digit CAGR driven by the mobile channel. Going forward contextual coupons based on location, buying pattern, in-store analytics would become very popular and would be linked to mobile payments for instant purchase added Knowledgefaber.

Here are some more examples of digital coupons delivered through various channels:

  • The Coupons App, a popular mobile couponing app can be used in a massive variety of places, including retailers, restaurants and fuel pumps. The app provides fresh offers in real time, allowing users to seize upon great deals before they’re gone. The app also integrates social functions, text message deals and a barcode scanner that is invaluable when it comes to comparison-shopping. The Coupons App offers the functionality of several different apps in one — making it one of the go-to choices for any serious coupon user.
  • There was a promotion campaign which Coca-Cola did called Tweet-a-Coke. The Twitter based campaign allowed links to be tweeted, which when opened, allowed the recipients of those tweets to order a Coke at Regal Cinemas locations. To avail the order, users just needed to authenticate using their Twitter account and also provide credit card information.
  • Another example could be that of Starbucks which did a beta program back in October 2013 using Twitter. The campaign simply allowed Twitter users to buy $5 gift cards to send coffee to friends.

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  • Walter Chen, CEO, Passbee Media