Digital Coupons get Redeemed the Most through Smartphones and Tablets

Consumers continue to use digital coupons to gain extra dollars. eMarketer has forecasted that digital coupon users will account for 55.0% all US internet users in 2014. Such users include internet users aged 18 and older who redeem a digital coupon or code via any device for online or offline shopping at least once per year. Millennial deal-savvy shoppers who are heavy smartphone users have especially embraced mobile couponing in recent years.

Mobile coupon users are making up a growing portion of the larger digital coupon audience. This is attributed to more consumers making in-home purchases via smartphone and tablet and more shoppers using a mobile device to enhance their in-store experiences. eMarketer expects the number of adults who redeem coupons via mobile device for either online or offline shopping to rise from 78.69 million to 104.11 million between 2014 and 2016, or from 70.0% to 82.0% of all digital couponers.

eMarketer estimates that only 36.5% of marketers will offer mobile coupons in 2014. By 2016, this is estimated to grow to 44.5%. The increasing usage of mobile coupons by brands, continued smartphone and tablet adoption is fueling the growth in uptake of digital coupons in market. This is also attributed to the rising number of mobile channels offering easily accessible coupons—such as mobile apps, daily deal and group buying sites, email, and social networks. Such factors are helping fuel double-digit growth in marketer uptake, which is expected to persist through 2016 as well.

Tablet users are much likely to make online purchases compared with smartphone users. Similarly, adult tablet users are more likely than adult smartphone users to redeem mobile coupons. This year, 53.0% of the tablet consumer base will use a tablet for coupon redemption, compared to 40.0% of the US smartphone audience who will do so via smartphone.

Tablets are commonly used for digital purchases at home, while many shoppers use their smartphones to redeem coupons while making purchases in brick-and-mortar stores. As smartphone users become more at ease with mobile buying, consumers will increasingly redeem coupons via smartphones. eMarketer forecasts that the number of smartphone coupon users will surpass that of tablet coupon users in 2015, though tablet users will continue to lead in mobile coupon user penetration.