Digital Payments Transformation Survey by SIA

Presented in Warsaw on the occasion of the conference about the future of the payments industry in Poland, the results of the SIA survey on the perceptions and attitudes of Poles towards digital payments

41% of respondents perceive contactless payments to be the most modern method among the different non-cash payments available on the Polish market

For 55% , speed and time savings are the most important values of e-payments

Innovative solutions in the bank offers considered very or rather important for 56%

About security, only 15% admitted to personally knowing people who are victims of fraud, provoked for 24% by recklessness and negligence

Nearly 75% would like to pay in public administration offices by card

Warsaw (Press Release) – Today in Warsaw during the Accelerating the payment transformation conference, aiming to explore the future of the payments industry in Poland, the SIA survey carried out by ARC Rynek i Opinia was presented. The survey of a sample of about 800 respondents provides a deep insight into attitudes towards modern methods of non-cash payments among Poles.

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