Diving Deep Into Recent Trends in International Payments – New Research Report by LTP & InstaReM

The world is getting smaller; the boundaries across countries are fading when it comes to business and money. People from all around the world are moving to different countries for work. Developed economies provide great opportunities for migrants to earn money and sustain the livelihood of their families back in the developing nations. In fact, the World Bank attributes 10% of the top 25 developing countries’ GDP to remittance inflows.

The workforce too has gone global. Today, there is a freelancer sitting in India, handling the business operations of a big corporate in the US. A company in Sri Lanka is managing the digital marketing of a UK-based corporate.

Cross-border e-commerce has grown by leaps and bounds. It not only gives customers a variety of alternatives for buying their desired products, it also helps SMEs to reach the international market and connect with potentia ...

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