Do Aussies Really Need Another ‘Pay’? ANZ Steps Into the Game

Here it comes, another Pay was just launched. A major Australian bank, ANZ, is tapping into mobile payments with its proprietary system ANZ Mobile Pay. There are two controversial parts to the news here. Firstly, it is another knife in Apple’s back as ANZ Pay will be Android-based. Secondly, ANZ Mobile Pay is just another Pay.

ANZ Mobile Pay is available on Google Play from today and allows customers to add a range of ANZ Visa and American Express credit cards as well as ANZ Visa Debit cards. It also offers different ways to pay—Wake to Pay, Launch to Pay and Passcode to Pay. For all payments over $100, users will need to enter their PIN. ANZ Pay will even allow withdrawing funds at supported contactless-enabled ANZ ATMs.

How does this impact the mobile payments in Australia? ...

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