Dollar and web is the in thing: Dwolla

Venturing into new infrastructure for digital payments is hustling and bustling with innovation. Money is rapidly changing into a virtual series of ones and zeros, digital currency format which is easy to send, store and receive electronically. Designing its own digital payment network from the scratch, Dwolla Inc. bypassed the traditional channels and built something different which according to them is cheaper, faster and safer than anything that already existed.

Dwolla, a US based e-commerce company, provides an online payment system and mobile payments network only in the US. Originally founded in June, 2008, Dwolla was launched in the US on December 1, 2009, by Ben Milne (CEO) and Shane Neuerburg (CTO) as founders, in Des Moines, Iowa.

Blending the words dollar and web, Dwolla aims to allow anyone [or anything] connected to the internet to move money quickly, safely & at the lowest cost possible. It allows any entity to request and exchange money through its self-built network that securely connects to customer’s bank account and allows to move money.

The platform can be effe ...

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