Doxo: All Your Accounts, Bills, and Payments In One Place

Just about 5 years ago, filling your tax returns meant usual things such as receipts, bills, papers, tax calculation, should I be filling using software, income statements and more papers. But now that we increasingly manage our accounts online are you leveraging the benefit of saving statements and other important information that you receive electronically? After all the goal of the Internet on mobile and computer, and all the apps/online services was to create a paper free and hassle free world where everything is accessed digitally in the cloud. And that promise is potentially still strong as long as there are solutions like those from Doxo.

Doxo is a great place to store your old bills, receipts, important documents, and more on the web and keep it neat and tidy. It’ll keep your random important documents safe and secure, and, best of all, keep them from taking up space in your home. It also allows to pay your bills fast and easy. Not only can you track and store your payments, you can keep a tab on whom you're paying. The free-to-consumer service runs on an easy-to-use Web-based dashboard. Log in, create an account and start uploading credit-card bills, utility bills, health-care forms and the like.

Doxo is continuously looking to add value and therefore you would see lot of developments on various fronts. Last year, understanding the opportunity of growing mobile users, Doxo launched a new mobile payment and management solution, along with a new Android app, to finally allow users to both receive and pay bills from their mobile devices. Their mobile app called doxoPAY, includes a feature that allows users to receive and pay bills with one account and one password from a single app. Users simply connect with their providers to pay bills, directly on Doxo Mobile. Plus, you can use the app to take snaps and upload bills and receipts into Doxo’s digital filing cabinet, while automatically backing up those critical documents to their hard drive or cloud providers like and Dropbox.

Since the launch in mid-2011, Doxo has come a long way. Its digital filing cabinet software aims to create a single place for users to manage their bills, of phone, cable, or credit card. In last two week, it has added features like doxo Email Import and Doxo cloud backup for simplifying and managing all the key accounts. Doxo Email import automatically imports, organizes, and archives all of the emails for key accounts you receive through your personal email inbox, and works with the leading email services and with doxo Cloud Backup, every document delivered, imported, or uploaded to your doxo account is automatically backed up and intelligently organized in your personal cloud storage.

These are the things on which doxo is banking, hoping we all want to cloud back-up our documents so that we are able to access from anywhere and rather not store them in actual file cabinets. Doxo has a great user interface, and very easy to set up. They also have an iPhone and desktop app to use as well. So you can truly be almost anywhere and still use Doxo. It is connecting with more service providers that include AT&T, Sprint, Puget Sound Energy, and Sound Community Bank — to name a few.

According to the company, an average of 80 percent on the cost is saved in the processes of mailing documents, bills, and accepting payments. Its mobile apps are free for the consumer — and available in the App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon App Store. Now they have the challenge of convincing more companies to come on board and connect with their site. And if you are adventurous and looking for payment alternatives, this tool is worth trying.