E-Coin Introduces Multi-Sig Bitcoin Wallet and Debit Card Inspired by​ Blockchain Technology

E-coin, based out of the UK, offers a multisignature bitcoin wallet and bitcoin debit card branded under Visa. It also recently announced their lifelong affiliate program to all cardholders.

The company allows its clients to convert bitcoin into fiat currency so that the consumers can top up their bitcoin deposit card through E-coin’s multi-sig wallet. The user can then use the E-Card at any POS terminals supporting Visa. The company’s competitive advantage is that it provides a single E-Card for both fiat and crypto funds.

The official site says, Our card is accepted by over 30 million merchants and can be used at over 25 million ATMs worldwide; so, it allows you to spend your bitcoins virtually anywhere and hassle-free.

Currently we ship E-Cards to 173 countries, so check whether we can deliver to yours. That said, the cards can be used in any country, as long as there is a ‘VISA/MasterCard accepted’ sign displayed.

You are eligible to order up to three E-Cards in three fiat currencies USD, EUR and GBP (more currencies coming soon!).

E-coin’s multisignature technology is designed and customized by BitGo. The multisignature Bitcoin wallet was first launched by BitGo. The Palo Alto-based BitGo operates a security-as-a-service platform.

The perk of joining the program is that it lets affiliates earn 10% in the first year from their gross fees on their referrals. After the first year, the affiliate can earn 5% of the gross fees in the upcoming years. Apart from this,the referrer can also earn bitcoins from the transactions when the card is loaded by referred card users and he will continue to get this benefit forever. Users signing up with their personalized link will also benefit from a 25% discount at the time of ordering their E-Card.

It is estimated that overall, there are about 6.6 million bitcoin wallets (source: CoinDesk) that had been set up by the end of 2014. And there are about $78 million worth of bitcoin transactions occurring every day.