Early Detection Can Reduce 30-40% of Credit Card Fraud Loss: An Interview With Canh Tran, CEO & Co-Founder of Rippleshot

LTP spoke with the CEO and Co-founder of fraud analytics firm, Rippleshot. With the upcoming transition to chip-and-PIN, data breaches and cybersecurity are hot topics.

I (Ruth) have the pleasure of speaking with Canh Tran. Thanks for taking the time to speak on this topic.

Canh: Thanks, Ruth. Glad to be here.

LTP: Can you give our readers a brief snapshot of your background in this space?

Canh: I have spent over 15 years working on cybersecurity and fraud, specifically in real-time credit card fraud detection.

LTP: How did Rippleshot come about as a company? What specific need did you see in the market that your company provides a service for?

Canh: We were working on real-time credit card fraud detection for the last 10 years or so, and what that means is every time you take a credit card and use it at a store, one of our systems will return a real-time score that will tell the credit card-issuing banks whether to accept the transaction or not.

So, depending on Ruth’s pattern, it might be a fraudulent transaction. So let’s decline it, or yes, that’s a normal transaction for Ruth, so let’s acc ...

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