eD-Mobile Wallet Launched by MoF, Providing Seamless Payments to E-Dirham Customers

The Ministry of Finance (MoF) announced the launch of the eD-Mobile/Wallet smartphone applications. The application will enable the use of auxiliary and stored-value amounts by e-Dirham customers for making payments. The customers will not need to carry the card to use the service.

e-Dirham (electronic smart card) is an approach by the UAE government for collecting government revenues instead of traditional ways (i.e. financial stamps and receipts of income). The system offers simplicity and ease of usage, and utilizes latest and advanced technologies. The tool was launched in 2001 and was initially intended for use by the UAE federal government, but it was later used by the local governments of the constituent Emirates, as well as by semi-governmental organizations and private enterprises.

The new application launched by the government will enable users to conduct convenient, secure and faster electronic payments for the services used. The payments can be made through the Internet and mobile phones.

According to Saeed Rashid Al Yateem, Assistant Under-Secretary for Resources and Budget Sector at MoF, Mobile payments are experiencing a fast-paced growth nowadays, and our launch today of eD-Mobile/Wallet applications is another milestone in the continuous rally to keep up with the latest technologies, in order to provide e-Dirham system users with a variety of feasible and convenient channels.

He also said that the smart e-Dirham mobile applications will be considered the primary consolidated payment service of all federal government service fees in the near future, where the users can request and review any of the government services that concern them, complete the service application and make the required payment. The payment process is now available through a variety of means including eD-Wallet.

Since its launch, more than 80 million electronic services for the federal government were done through e-Dirham. The value of fees collected electronically through this service is about AED 17 billion.

The eD-Mobile application will provide features like inquiring and paying for governmental services, generating eD-Wallet token IDs, accessing e-Dirham card mini-statements, checking card balances, adding credit to prepaid and direct debit bank cards, accessing reports, feedback and data alongside other support features to the registered users of e-Dirham.

eD-Wallet can be used at all e-Dirham merchant outlets such as POS, eD-kiosks, online and mobile to pay for services The application is available on both Android and iOS mobile platforms.

About Stored-Value Cards:

According to Wikipedia, a stored-value card is a payment card with a monetary value stored on the card itself, not in an external account maintained by a financial institution. It differs from debit cards where money is on deposit with the issuer. Another difference between stored-value cards and debit cards is that debit cards are usually issued in the name of individual account holders while stored-value cards are usually anonymous.