Edenred Partners with Orange & MasterCard to Pilot NFC Mobile Payments

Edenred France, Orange and MasterCard join forces to test NFC mobile payment across restaurants on the French market. In collaboration with Orange and MasterCard, Edenred France has initiated a pilot around the mobile payment for restaurants, relying on the secure NFC technology in the SIM card.

Edenred is known for inventing the 'Ticket Restaurant' meal vouchers used by 1.2 million people in France. Edenred launched the NFC-enabled Ticket Restaurant payment card in April last year and now aims to allow its customers to pay directly with their mobile phone. Customers can use the system in affiliated restaurants equipped with contactless payment terminals. Advantages include consult their account in real time and locate nearby places where the vouchers are accepted.

After the launch of the card Ticket Restaurant, in April 2014, this test allows to explore future uses of beneficiaries in a real experiment. Even as the use of Ticket Restaurant Card already show a strong use of contactless payments, Edenred France wants to offer the mobile payment option to its beneficiaries, which now enters the lives of consumers.

As part of an experiment conducted since October 2014, users can set their Ticket Restaurant meal with their smartphones in restaurants affiliated with securities and restaurants equipped with a contactless payment terminal. Payment is made instantly by placing the mobile terminal of the merchant.

Already used in France by telecom operators and banking players, the mobile contactless payment associated with the SIM card enables fast, secure transactions, the data being stored in the SIM card of the phone.

The use of mobile for payment of restaurants subtitles will add other benefits to flexibility that already have their dematerialization. For the employee benefiting from Ticket Restaurant, it will have a permanent availability of securities shops via their smartphone, and can see the real-time balance and geolocate merchants accepting restaurants subtitles. For affiliates, beyond the secure payment, mobile becomes a new means of communication for customer loyalty and make their institutions.

Remember, 3.5 million French workers had voucher restaurants in 2013, including 1.2 million benefited from the Ticket Restaurant solution.