Editor's picks: Some of our most loved articles in 2013

Thanks to all of you who read, reviewed, and shared our content. Here are some of our most loved Payment News and Analysis posts as per the editorial board:

1) All the 9 Payment Enabling Technologies & 22 Illustrative Companies. Various enabling technologies are discussed with examples – NFC, QR codes, SMS/USSD, RFID, Sound Waves (Zoosh), Bluetooth BLE, and others

2) Payments Mafia or Innovative Tribes? Are Payment Ecosystems Lacking Diversity?

3) Google says Goodbye to carrier based NFC systems, with HCE. With HCE, any app on an Android 4.4 device can emulate an NFC smart card, letting users tap to initiate transactions with an app of their choice. Apps can also use a new Reader Mode so as to act as readers for HCE cards and other NFC-based transactions.

4) Wall Street & Institutional Investors get ready for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Investment Trust (BIT) collects $70M, And 12 Surprising Bitcoin eye openers

5) 33 Mind Blowing Statistics that are Fueling Payments Industry Growth

6) Micromerchant’s true Pain points, POS debate A statistical and charts based analysis.

7) Watch the Biggest Moments in Payments Industry that Defined 2013. It was a great year for all of us and next year is all set to be an eventful one as well. We will keep doing what we do Let’s Talk Payments