Edo Interactive Announces Partnership with SaveAround to Deliver Card-Linked Savings

Advertising technology innovator edo Interactive (edo) and SaveAround, the nation’s leading merchant offers provider, today announced a multi-year partnership to offer SaveAround’s deals and discounts to more than 40 million cardholders in edo’s Prewards network.

edo’s patented card-linking technology is used by global financial institutions to deliver instantly redeemable discounts to cardholders, backed by data-driven insights and tailored to their spending habits. Cardholders are automatically enrolled in edo’s Prewards program through their bank’s credit or debit cards and can access offers via desktop, tablet or smartphone.

SaveAround’s industry-leading merchant platform enables its offers to be distributed in print, web, and mobile form and provides millions of consumers with access to quality savings from the company's network of thousands of local, regional, and national merchants across North America. In addition to loyalty and reward programs, SaveAround’s merchant content is also used to help local non-profit groups and organizations raise money for their various needs.

By partnering with SaveAround, we can offer rich discounts from local and regional organizations across the U.S. to cardholders in our Prewards network. Our geotargeting capabilities and ability to pinpoint new, loyal and lapsed customers are advantages for small and medium-sized businesses, said Souheil Badran, CEO of edo Interactive.

edo will work with SaveAround to bring their print, web, mobile, and card-linked offers to edo’s partner financial institutions as part of a broader program to assist them with providing relevant offers for their millions of customers.

Working with edo will allow us to continue to digitize our offers, while making them even more relevant for local businesses across the U.S., said Luke Stanton, CEO and President of SaveAround. Customers love our programs for saving money while giving back millions of dollars to local communities. By linking our offers to their credit and debit cards, we’re making it even easier to do both.

About edo Interactive

edo is transforming shopping and saving. Partnering with payment and data networks, edo delivers value to advertisers, financial institutions, and consumers through analytics, technology and targeted marketing to power a new era of personalization.

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About SaveAround

SaveAround is bringing local and regional businesses through the journey of offers from print, web, mobile, and now card linked. We are an industry leader in building local, regional, and national merchant networks, providing solutions to organizations, value to consumers and nonprofit groups and organizations. SaveAround is a privately held organization with more than 30 years experience in sourcing merchant offers.

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