EgisTec Has the Smallest Fingerprint Sensor and Aims to Have the Largest User Base in the World

This day in the digital age, mobile phones are replacing wallets and your most personal information is stored in an Internet server. It’s a pain memorizing multiple password accounts and hacking has become a paid profession. This is why the applications of fingerprint sensor technology for secure biometric authentication are widespread. The convenience and security of using a fingerprint as a virtual lock are unparalleled.

Egis Technology is the leading provider of fingerprint biometrics and data encryption. They specialize in integrated turnkey solutions with an emphasis on sensor performance and software usability. The company has a commitment to low-cost and high quality. EgisTec is the one stop shop for software applications providers and hardware device OEMs looking to implement fingerprint biometrics in their products. Their fingerprint sensors can be implemented in mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, PCs, wearable devices and their VDI boxes.

Egis Technology Inc. is a Taiwan-based firm that was founded in 2007. Since then, their fingerprint biometrics have been bundled with over 30 million PC and mobile product lines worldwide and are distributed in over 20 languages. EgisTec recently partnered with hardware and electronics manufacturer Acer to help develop Acer’s Build Your Own Cloud ecosystem. EgisTec’s biometric authentication solution will help safeguard Acer’s BYOC to protect sensitive and privacy data for the customers’ high-security level Web services. Other clients include Lenovo, Asus, HP, Pegatron, Inventec and many others.

In March 2015, EgisTec debuted their latest fingerprint IC sensor, the EH570, which claims to be the smallest in the world. The sensor module uses capacitive fingerprint technology and has one of the fastest enrollment and authentication processes available. It can be integrated as either a home or side button of a smartphone. The side button placement has the capability of smart navigation, enabling one hand operation on a large screen phone. The sensor has low power consumption, 360-degree use, and can even read various fingerprint conditions, such as wet and dry fingerprints.

To protect its cloud data, EgisTec is a member of the FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance. Their products are FIDO-Certified™ and the company has advanced from a sponsor to a board member of the FIDO Alliance. EgisTec has a private cloud, which it calls the VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) box. The VDI is an all-in-one device on the cloud/server access platform with fingerprint security and authentication based on FIDO specifications.

EgisTec’s first wearable device, the YuKey SmartBand, is designed to decrypt information about the user’s health. The SmartBand has a combination of sensors including a fingerprint scanner, activity sensor and heart monitor. Empowered with BLE Bluetooth smart connectivity, the YuKey SmartBand is able to connect and sync your phone wirelessly and upload biorhythm data to the cloud.