Empowering Startups: FInD the Right Partner in Your FinTech Journey

The accelerated growth of FinTech startups in India during the past few years has come as no surprise. Technology has indeed become a great leveler and has served to reduce the cost of developing products and services.

Earlier this year, MEDICI had published the India FinTech Report, which documented the growth of this sector. Despite this, there remain some major roadblocks to the FinTech growth trajectory, the chief one among them being access to capital and investors. In order for them to grow, FinTechs need support and constant backing. Entrepreneurship in FinTech is a challenging path requiring mentors, specialized advice, and a constant flow of potential clients and contacts.

With this understanding, in a move to help scale FinTech startups across India, the Mumbai FinTech Hub, PWC, and MEDICI along with a host of other partners have come together to launch a new initiative called FInD (FinTech Investment and Deals Program). FInD is a program supported by the industry, ecosystem players and the Mumbai FinTech Hub (MFH – an agency created by the Government of Maharashtra). It seeks to catalyze funding access and strategic partnerships between FinTechs, investors, and partners in India. The objective of this initiative is to unlock major opportunities for startups by facilitating investment and boosting entrepreneurship across the FinTech ecosystem. The program goes live on June 17, and its structure is as follows:

  • A democratized digital platform that gives freedom beyond biases

  • An enabler not only for investments but also for strategic partnerships

  • A curated matchmaking process guided by experts that is precise and quick

Accordingly, a number of domestic and international roadshows have been planned that will help create awareness about this program.

You can register and RSVP for the roadshow in your city here:

The agenda of the roadshow is as follows:

The panelists will consist of a PwC Partner representative, a Government of Maharashtra representative, investor representatives, and startups’ representatives. Through this platform, MEDICI looks forward to engaging with interested startups to provide market positioning services through our content & video platforms.

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