EMV and Other Challenges of the Coming Holiday Shopping Season, Says Oren Levy, CEO of Zooz

Holiday season is just around the corner with retailers getting ready to make the biggest part of their profit throughout the year. However, this holiday season will be different for Americans. Both retailers and shoppers will have a new experience shopping with renewed credit cards. EMV is actively rolling out in the US and changing the usual swipe-and-go experience. It would not be a dramatic change any other shopping day, but when it comes to the holidays, there is definitely a change to be prepared for.

The LTP team had the pleasure of interviewing Oren Levy, CEO of Zooz (a technology company that provides a data-driven payments platform for retailers worldwide), on EMV’s effect on the holiday shopping experience and the way Zooz provides value to the clients.

LTP: Please tell us about Zooz and the services you offer. What is your competitive advantage in the market and what value are you providing to your clients? Also, who are your biggest clients and how fast are you growing?

Oren Levy: Zooz is a fast-growing technology company that provides a data-driven payments platform for retailers, SaaS companies and service providers worldwide. Our greatest advantage over other payment solutions is our configurability, which enables us to best solve the problems of individual merchants as they scale. Once a merchant integrates our platform, it can dynamically connect to any financial institution or third-party service within our system as its needs change. Merchants can maintain their existing payment technology, but add additional fraud detection and risk as ...

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