Enterprise Promotion and Loyalty Manager Platform Launched by Ifeelgoods

On 17th June 2014, leader in frictionless distribution of branded rewards – Ifeelgoods - launched the Enterprise Promotion and Loyalty Manager (EPLM). The company says that this product will enable brands to seamlessly distribute their digital content for B2B promotions as well as loyalty program opportunities.

Founded in 2010, Ifeelgoods' seasoned management team has deep roots in payments, retail as well as advertising. The company has offices in Palo Alto, California & Paris, France. Ifeelgoods is backed by blue chip investors including Tugboat Ventures, IDinvest, Quest Venture Partners and Kima Ventures.

  • The company states in its press release - that marketers are increasingly leveraging premium branded content such as gift cards, e-subscriptions, music, apps and games to reward and engage their audiences.
  • EPLM will enable brands with premium digital content address these incoming opportunities.
  • This is done by providing brands with a frictionless managing system with the end goal of dropping operating costs as well as growing revenue.
  • The EPLM product consists of a customized online portal for brands to distribute their content.
  • Approved marketers can integrate the content at hand with a preferred solution –CRM, eCommerce, Social Media, CPG and Loyalty among others.
  • EPLM is pre-integrated with over 100 popular apps - including Magento, Salesforce, PayPal and Facebook - so that advertisers can seamlessly deliver the reward to the end-consumer.
  • EPLM services also include lead generation, gift or promo code management, brand approval processing and secure code distribution.
  • The company states that the capabilities of EPLM can be seen directly through its implementation with the NYTimes at
  • Ifeelgoods is in the process of equipping other premium digital content providers with EPLM to help them manage distribution of their paid content, says the company.

'Advertisers are looking for seamless solutions to reward their audiences with the digital premium content they are craving for. Our mission is to help content providers unlock this opportunity and connect them with the brands and agencies that want to use their products as highly valuable rewards, commented Co-Founder & CEO of Ifeelgoods, Michael Amar, in the same release. The EPLM is our latest step in reaching this goal, he added.

All partners that utilize the EPLM are also set to benefit from exposure to Ifeelgoods' industry leading network of advertising agencies and brands. Ifeelgoods has launched campaigns with over 150 advertisers across 16 countries, including biggies such as Gap, L'Oréal and Walmart. The company also possesses strategic partnerships across the largest networks and agencies like the Publicis Groupe or Conversant.

About Ifeelgoods

Ifeelgoods provides a frictionless platform that enables marketers to instantly reward their audiences in a variety of solutions - eCommerce, CRM, Social Media, CPG, Loyalty and others. Consumers can directly receive rewards from 100+ integrated apps including Facebook, Mailchimp, Salesforce, SurveyMonkey, Paypal and Zendesk. Gifts delivered come from Ifeelgoods' 100,000+ rewards catalog with content that ranges from movies, songs, games, apps, newspaper subscriptions, and gift cards.