Etsy, Independent Merchants, TouchSuite, & Other Supporters of Apple Pay

It seems Apple users across U.S. are beginning to ditch their wallets in exchange for the simplicity of mobile pay. Increasing support can be seen in more stakeholders within the U.S. payments ecosystem trying to create every possible form of association with Apple Pay. It’s not only banks and merchants that are being added to Apple Pay’s list of supporters. Here are some recent announcements indicating an expanding fan-base:

Apple Pay Now Available On All TouchSuite Firefly POS Products

TouchSuite has announced that its entire line of Firefly point of sale solutions are now fully equipped to accept Apple Pay. Apple Pay is the latest technology that TouchSuite has added to its roster of payment options, presented through Firefly. Just last month, TouchSuite announced that Firefly became the first ever point of sale solution fully integrated with synchronized, commercially viable EMV processing capabilities. Additionally, the solution offers other NFC payment options, including Google Wallet, as well as one of the most advanced gift card exchange programs available on the U.S. market.

TouchSuite’s Firefly is an Android-based POS solution that gives small and mid-size businesses access to the same industry tools and innovations as major U.S. retailers. Firefly assumes the responsibility of other costly business solutions and outside vendor services. This intuitive software, packaged in a modern, lightweight touchscreen panel, is internally a vast and comprehensive infrastructure of managerial, administrative, operational, and marketing solutions.

Etsy to Add Apple Pay to Etsy App

More and more Etsy buyers are using Etsy’s mobile apps every day to browse unique items, mark their favorites, and complete purchases — today more than 50% of its visits come from mobile devices. Etsy will soon offer Apple Pay to U.S. buyers using iPhone 6, iPad Air 2, and iPad mini 3. Etsy app users will be able to make purchases with a single touch via Apple Pay and TouchID while checking out. Sellers who already accept Direct Checkout, currently available in 22 countries, will automatically be eligible to receive payments via Apple Pay from U.S. buyers.

Direct Checkout allows merchants to accept PayPal, credit card, checks, money orders, etc. Some advantages of Direct Checkout include the ability to accept Etsy gift cards and also use Sell on Etsy card readers for in-person payment processing. Shoppers in the U.S. who use Direct Checkout will soon have the option of using Apple Pay to fund their payments.

Apple Pay now Targeting Independent Merchants

Apple is looking forward to expanding its base of business customers, and is now focusing on recruiting independent merchants, as highlighted by AppleInsider. In its updated Merchant FAQ page, Apple is touting Apple Pay as a better option against traditional credit and debit cards. The page also highlights a list of payment service providers that support Apple Pay. Moreover, Apple Pay has also opened up its business sales line for inquiries by independent merchants.

The official Apple Pay page now highlights a new section called Get your business ready for Apple Pay. Although Apple Pay is adding more and more banks to its list of supporters, the merchant base has not witnessed as rapid a growth. With the new promotion techniques, Apple seems to be targeting independent merchants and further expanding Apple Pay’s reach in the small business realm.