European Games Group Partners with Oink to Provide a Seamless Payment Technology

In December 2013, Virtual Piggy Inc. changed the name of their youth payments service to Oink. On 17th March 2014, Oink Payments announced that it had partnered with European Games Group AG to provide a safe and seamless payment technology for their games. This includes games such as the popular Hero Zero, and enables their entire user base of 16 Million.

'We’re delighted to announce our partnership with the European Games Group as we continue our global expansion in gaming, said Joe Peden, General Manager at Oink. Their games are favorites in many of the major markets and we look forward to working with them to provide a unique and secure way to monetize their users in multiple countries, he added.

Oink is an award-winning technology that enables teens to manage – with parental supervision – their allowances online, shop safely, and track budgets, thereby providing a real world experience to enhance their financial management skills. Oink is available online or via mobile, and is 100% free to use. Oink will continue to employ Virtual Piggy’s award-winning privacy protection protocols, compliant with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Our games entertain millions of players in multiple countries & Oink is a perfect choice for us as a seamless, safe transaction method that works for gamers of all ages across our platform, said Karsten Maxem, Director Business Development & Ad Sales with European Games Group. Their rapid GamePay integration allows us to quickly provide a secure, frictionless in-game transaction experience to any of our current popular games, he added.

European Games Group is a worldwide distribution and commercialization partner for independent game developers, providing the cash and manpower necessary to scale up games in all relevant markets. However, developers keep their complete freedom in product development decisions and their product's IP. Games Group currently markets 6 games. Hero Zero alone spans 15 countries and has over 15 Million players.