Europe's Elite Cybersecurity Club

SpamTitan produces virtual email gateway appliances to protect organizations' email and block malware, viruses and spam.

Gemalto, a digital security company, offers mobile connectivity, payment technology and data protection solutions to manage services.

Avira is a multinational and family-owned company that provides IT-security for computers, smartphones, servers and networks – delivered as both software and cloud-based services.

itWatch stands for innovative software products with a focus on endpoint security and added value for IT companies.

BT is a British multinational telecommunications services company that provides communications services worldwide. In the United Kingdom, the company sells its products and services to consumers and SMEs.

Sophos develops network security and threat management products to protect organizations against malicious acts. The company was acquired by Apax Partners.

DFLabs is an ISO9001-certified company specializing in cybersecurity. The company provides Advanced Breach Management and Response technology for SOC and CSIRT through its collaborative IncMan NG platform and Data Security professional services through a team of internationally-recognized specialists.

ImmuniWeb technology combines managed vulnerability scanning with manual penetration testing performed in parallel by experienced security auditors.

Silent Circle is a global encrypted communications service that provides cutting-edge encrypted text, e-mail, mobile phone and video teleconferencing services through a secure, proprietary network, software and mobile apps.

Deep-Secure provides protection products against threats to security via high-defense network border gateway technology.

SentryBay is a developer of antivirus software ViraLock that prevents the spread of email viruses and worms from an infected computer.

AVG Technologies is a security software company headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands that develops antivirus software and Internet security services.

Clearswift provides Internet content filtering solutions. The company's products include Email Appliance, a content-aware e-mail gateway; Web Appliance, a content-aware web gateway; CONTENTsafe, a data loss prevention appliance and other products. The company has been acquired by Lyceum Capital.

ESNC provides SAP security audit services and auditing software. ESNC offers on-site assessment, ABAP code review, SAP Java code review, SAP forensics, SAP risk management, SAP compliance, SAP security management and SAP penetration testing services to its customers.

DriveLock allows companies to define personalized configuration to meet their exact requirements which can be extremely detailed – ideal for large- or small- or mid-sized companies.

BitDefender provides security solutions that deliver effective threat management for home and corporate users.

neXus is one of the leading and fast-growing international providers of IT security solutions.

Thales is a global technology leader in the aerospace, transportation and defense & security markets.

Cryptovision is a leading provider of innovative products for cryptography and public key infrastructure.

Secunia is an IT security solutions provider that allows businesses and private individuals globally to manage and control vulnerability threats. The company has been acquired by Flexera Software.

Osirium intelligently combines the latest generation of cybersecurity and automation technology to create built-for-purpose privileged protection and task automation solution.

Qosmos provides software and hardware platforms that identify and extract information traveling through networks.

Digital Shadows provides cyber situational awareness that helps organizations protect against cyberattacks, loss of intellectual property, and loss of brand and reputational integrity.

F-Secure provides security as a service to consumers and businesses, protecting digital content across devices and access points.

The Smoothwall family of Internet security solutions helps businesses, education and organizations to prevent misuse, block objectionable content and protect against Web-related threats.

Brainloop offers SaaS solutions to securely manage and collaborate on confidential documents inside and outside of the enterprise.

TrulyProtect is a cybersecurity company that has developed a suite of code security tools that protect creators of software – independent software vendors and other companies – against reverse engineering, modification and theft of algorithmic and other coded IP.

Enorasys Security Analytics enables continuous cyber situational awareness to address advanced persistent threats (APTs).


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