Evolving Role of Payments in a Customer-Centric World

Money, and the idea of its exchange through payments, has evolved a lot from the time of its inception.

From goods to grains, from metal coins to paper, from bank accounts to e-wallets, money has taken various shapes, sizes, and forms. Think about how we evolved from a barter system (exchange goods for grains), to the token system (exchange of coins and cash on paper) to cash pooling (bank accounts and deposits) to cashless payments (credit cards, cheques, e-wallets).

Over the last decade or so, payment technologies have grown at a dizzying pace.

Today, you can book your Uber at the click of a button and this transaction becomes part of the customer experience. You can transfer money at the click of a button. You can pay bills at the click of a button. You can even watch your favori ...

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