How Exactly will Apple Pay work at McDonald’s Drive Through: Step wise Process

Apple Pay, the mobile payment service set to launch soon, is coming to McDonald’s drive through. The fast food giant is currently in the phase of training employees on how they have to actually receive payments via Apple Pay. 9to5Mac leaked one of the training documents citing instructions. Here are the actual steps as instructions for McDonald’s employees:

  • Guest presents phone to make payment.
  • On tender menu, select ‘Credit Debit’ button. Message will appear to swipe card.
  • Hold cashless device out window, red NFC reader towards guest.

Source: 9to5Mac

  • Guest puts their phone to the NFC reader.
  • On the reader, the customer will see 4 lights and hear a beep to signal payment is completed.
  • Register will show approved message. Return device back inside DT booth.

As the image reveals, customers won’t have to hand over their iPhones to the employees. This is a relief as one would be skeptical of giving his expensive iPhone 6 to a stranger. The instructions show that the drive through employee would extend the mobile reader outside the window. The customer can then simply place the phone near the reader in order to complete the transaction.

It seems that an actual NFC reader would be employed in order to enable the transactions. The contactless terminal would immediately signal whether the transaction has successfully gone through. Apple is expected to reveal more on Apple Pay at an exclusive event this Thursday. A recent leaked memo from Walgreens reveals that Apple Pay might launch on October 18th itself.

The recent release of iOS 8.1 beta firmware had revealed more details about Apple Pay. Here’s the highlights:

  • There will be an upgraded Passbook app enabling payments via Apple Pay along with Touch ID authentication.
  • Apple pay will enable you to start making purchases at stores when launched.
  • You can seamlessly store your credit card information now by simply taking a picture of the card in Apple Pay setup.
  • There is still uncertainty around whether Apple Pay can be used in iPads as current models don’t have Touch ID.

Citing more details on Apple Pay, 9to5Mac revealed that the upgraded Passbook app will automatically handle expired cards. The app will update the card with the new expiration date from the credit card company. Users will receive a push notification when the change is made.

Apple is also currently busy training its own Apple Store employees on the new service. Apple would be using NFC capable EasyPay sleds to enable Apple Pay transactions at its stores. Apple will also be using special software at its stores dubbed as Apple Pay Demo. The main feature that it would provide is troubleshooting an iPhone if Apple Pay is not working due to any issue. The feature would first check for hardware issues and if no hardware issues are found, then the customer would be referred to the credit card provider. Now this is something that third party retailers can use as well for their branded stores. No information is readily available on whether Apple would provide such software to its partner merchants.