Exclusive Interview with Arlyn Davich, CEO of PayPerks, a company that has been Named a Best Newcomer in Payments at Harvard

Early February, I went to hear the Fintech Panel discuss about the FinTech Innovation in Underbanked/Under-ser­ved segment in a NY downtown meetup. In the backdrop of an office at work, we were discussing prepaid cards, companies and investments for the poor and so on. It was an enlightening evening on the future of the $89 Billion opportunity for innovation for underbanked/underserved consumers. And thats where I got a chance to hear and meet Arlyn Davich. Terrific energy, Great idea @PayPerks and Amazing execution. These are the traits that define her and PayPerks.

Pic: Arlyn is in the center in the 5 people Fintech & Underbanked/Unbanked panel

Here is a small story about how Arlyn Davich got the idea of starting PayPerks. Arlyn went to Columbia Business School and after passing out she came across the topic of Financial Inclusion on CFSI website. She started peeling ...

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