Exclusive Interview with JunoTele CEO, B. Sekhar Rao

Recently, I was able to catch with B. Sekhar Rao, the CEO of JunoTele - a startup whose platform enables carrier billing for micro-transactions in near real-time in a seamless manner. In what turned out to be a lengthy and very enlightening (for me) discussion, Sekhar was kind enough to answer a few questions about JunoTele and their Core Technology.

Tell us about your previous experience in this segment, before JunoTele?

I used to head this company called 'MACH' – which is a clearing and settlement house, headquartered in Luxemburg. This industry had consolidated over a period of time and there were 2 major players left out. In 2005, this was acquired by Warburg Pincus – a Private Equity firm.

How did Concept of JunoTele come about?

After WP took over, the roaming business was nearing saturation. There were only small increments and no more big growth since roaming had nearly saturated. In many places such as the European Union, the regulators had begun to reduce roaming charges. They wanted to make the whole of Europe roaming free. So what happened now is, Data Clearing Houses (DCH) had to look for something new - some kind of a quantum leap. At that time, I was the only one in the company focusing on emerging markets. The big question was, what is next for DCH?

But again I realized, that was not going to be much of a quantum leap as such, again just an incremental growth on the evolution path. Since I was from emerging markets however, I took a different view on this. This is the point where the seed of this company and concept beg ...

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