Exclusive Interview with Patty Walters, SVP EMV Corporate Strategy at Vantiv

Recently, we had an opportunity to talk to Patty Walters from Vantiv, who is the Senior President of EMV Corporate Strategy at the company and is responsible for the design and management for EMV across Vantiv’s Merchant and Financial Institution businesses.

She has been a keynote speaker and popular moderator of the debate on EMV at the ETA Annual Expo, Smart Card Alliance Payments Summit, CARTES America and has been quoted by Yahoo Finance and Bloomberg.

She is a thought leader on EMV and payments and has 30 years of experience in various aspects of the industry, including payment security, terminal technology, and marketing. She draws on that experience to examine the impact and potential of EMV, discuss EMV strategies, and provide a snapshot of the future of EMV in the U.S.

Here are some excerpts from our conversation:

So we are in 2015, and EMV is the hot topic this year. What are your expectations?

Patty: We are 150 days away (at the time of the interview, nearing the end of January, 2015) from the liability shift that supermarkets, drug stores, department stores etc. would eventually have to face. As per regulations, merchants are required to migrate to EMV by October this year in order to avoid the liability shift.

Merchants and ISVs are largely not as ready as ...

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