Exclusive Interview with Richard Rabins, CEO of Alpha & Bryan Derbyshire, Director at Worldpay

Q.) Related to Worldpay, from where did it all start about thinking with the association with Alpha Software? What was the point that triggered this?

Bryan: At Worldpay, we have a very strong legacy business in traditional payments and we are refining ourselves as we move forward in the market in 2015. We were looking forward to opportunities in ISV (the independent software vendor space). We were looking for the right partnerships with developers that have the platform power and ability to go after enterprise level clients and handle that kind of volume. So with that prospect, we found Alpha leveraging their process and their platform. We are working with their executive team to speed up our go-to-market strategy for enterprise level application development. We are further focusing on Alpha’s strength, where our strength really lies and we opened our applications and platform to Alpha. With other third-party developers, we were facing issues in having our product ready for market. Alpha was able to alleviate our target and reduced the amount of time in entering the market with the ready product. We have already launched application in the app store and have already begun with sign-ups.

Q.) Worldpay has a large number of capabilities in payments, ranging from POS terminals to the mobile POS terminals, payment gateways and others. So are all these capabilities being associated with Alpha or only for a particular set of product does this association hold a meaning?

Bryan: This association is specific to the card and card-not-present space. So using our gateways, ecommerce buttons, our mobile SDK platform, we continue to scale up some of our offerings to enter the brick and mortar space. Right now, the main focus is towards card-not-present, ecommerce and mobile when considering association with Alpha. Ecommerce and mobile are the major two areas for this partnership.

Q.) When we talk about the final product of this partnership, which is the open mobile application software and the payments capabilities of Worldpay, whom is the solution basically targeted to? Is it mainly for the developers or is it mainly for the merchants or it is for both?

Bryan: Ultimately, these product offering are for both. For developers, we wish to provide an easier-to-use go-to-market platform and then building upon solutions on this platform eventually helps the merchants.

Q.) What is the monetization model for the developers and for the merchants?

Bryan: The monetization model is strictly a transactional model. It really depends on the type of merchants. Alpha has mainly two product lines: one is based on transactional model that is based on volume and size of the merchant; and Alpha has a SaaS based platform and this would involve a SaaS based transactional model directly depending on purchases and would also include a month SaaS fees.

Q.) For the developers, does your product remain as a freely available platform for development or is there a certain charge associated with it for developers also?

Bryan: From Worldpay’s perspective, it’s a free platform.

Richard: From Alpha’s perspective, there is no additional charge for the payment capability, but rather it is built into the Alpha development platform.

Q.) Is the solution being commercially launched? Are there developers and merchants already using the service?

Bryan: It has been developed and was commercially launched with the help of Alpha’s developers last month. The application can be downloaded from the app store and is available for immediate usage.

Q.) Regarding the model of the partnership, is this an exclusive partnership or is Worldpay open to partnership with other software providers also?

Bryan: We are open to partnership with other software developers as well. We are excited to work with Alpha to use their platform to be more powerful platform to bring more developers onto using it and reach a larger space within the client base. With the same structure, we hope to be available to other partner developers who can monetize these applications for their clients and having an integrated solution within Worldpay is going to help that process.

Q.) Is there any other information regarding this partnership that you would like to share? Is there any kind of growth strategy that you have formulated or expecting to come out as a result of this partnership?

Bryan: The shift in the payments environment from traditional model to integration solutions, integrated software is what a majority of merchants are looking forward to in driving their decision making. Partnerships with companies such as Alpha will enable us to build robust applications and get to the market quicker, providing traditional solutions with add-on features to software developers.

Q.) What is the Alpha Software’s plan and strategy towards this partnership and from where did it start?

Richard: Alpha’s main product is the development platform building business applications so it can be used for building payments applications for customers. Apps can be developed very quickly and very effectively in Alpha. The other aspect to our platform is business or enterprise which sees development of applications such as POS based web apps as well as cross platform mobile apps. With everything moving into mobile, there is opportunity in building custom applications which brings service opportunity in form of revenue. So that is the market that Alpha has been in last few years and our electronic payments solutions have gained popularity since. Customers look forward to our powerful and highly flexible payment gateway that can be integrated in to custom application in mobile environment. We looked at the API, the power and security capabilities of Worldpay. I think from Worldpay’s point of view, they saw Alpha as rich productive development environment enabling development of powerful business applications. Using our platform, Worldpay were able to build an entire system in approximately two months. The whole pace of business has accelerated in last few years and this requires companies, especially in the payments space, to quickly come up with effective solutions and that is where partnerships like Alpha and Worldpay are ideal. Worldpay offers a payment system with multiple features which appeal to our customers as well.

Q.) Alpha Software is known for the offline capability of application i.e. supporting capabilities even when user is not connected to Internet. So how do you think this particular capability of Alpha Software will be helpful in this partnership? Is this particular capability of Alpha playing a major role in the partnership?

Richard: Long term partnerships depend on benefits for both sides. Looking at Alpha’s point of view, we were able to offer a very smooth natural interface in payments applications in order to make our customers and prospects really happy. And likewise for Worldpay, having a mechanism to sell into the customer application model, that is very efficient, makes it easier for them to acquire new customers. Alpha offers an established bridge system bringing the ability to offer solutions offline which fixes real world problems. But the key aspect is that time-to-market is crucial and hence, we do particularly well in offline providing synchronization conflict resolution.

Q.) How do you see this integrated solution coming up in the space of mobile applications development and in the payments industry together because both of these industries have been growing at a significant pace? So how do you think that this integrated solution will bring lucrative difference to both the industries?

Bryan: With this partnership, Worldpay is bringing value of proposition for the merchants. This partnership combines Worldpay’s solutions with the speed to market of Alpha and really allows the benefit of the software solution to be the key driver.

Richard: The combination of Alpha and Worldpay has made possible business models that are quite disruptive and innovative. The combination of dedicated custom application with payments has brought upon a whole new business model.

Q.) Would you like to share more on Alpha’s software and its ongoing strategy in the payments and mobile application development domain?

Richard: As mobile applications develop, transactions will continue to evolve and our business is to try and add real value to developers by empowering them to build whatever system is required and keep it as cost effective as possible. With software, there are an infinite number of ways to solve a problem. The main issue is how quickly can the problem be solved with minimal costs. That is the debate that goes on.