Exclusive Interview with Richard Rabins, CEO of Alpha & Bryan Derbyshire, Director at Worldpay

Q.) Related to Worldpay, from where did it all start about thinking with the association with Alpha Software? What was the point that triggered this?

Bryan: At Worldpay, we have a very strong legacy business in traditional payments and we are refining ourselves as we move forward in the market in 2015. We were looking forward to opportunities in ISV (the independent software vendor space). We were looking for the right partnerships with developers that have the platform power and ability to go after enterprise level clients and handle that kind of volume. So with that prospect, we found Alpha leveraging their process and their platform. We are working with their executive team to speed up our go-to-market strategy for enterprise level application development. We are further focusing on Alpha’s strength, where our strength really lies and we opened our applications and platform to Alpha. With other third-party developers, we were facing issues in having our product ready for market. Alpha was able to alleviate our target and reduced the amount of time in entering the market with the ready product. We have already launched application in the app store and have already begun with sign-ups.

Q.) Worldpay has a large number of capabilities in payments, ranging from POS terminals to the mobile POS terminals, payment gateway ...

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