Exclusive Interview with the rising star of Micro-payments and 'Ecommerce for Publishers' - Trevor Kaufman, CEO Tinypass

Micro-payments is a very interesting segment given the amazing growth of digital content and digital media like news, music, videos, etc. (small ticket size). Add to that the Exponential growth of Mobile app industry (priced at $0.99, $1.99 and so on). The segment is also driven by the growth of social networks and online gaming communities (small amount credits, perks, virtual currency, etc.). Tinypass makes this eCommerce functionality available to web and mobile sites of all sizes.

So we interviewed Trevor Kaufman, the Founder and CEO of Tinypass, to learn his take on the industry and find out more about his company. We went to their office in downtown New York and found it amazingly full of energy, with a young team and that startup enthusiasm that you expect to find in New York’s Silicon Alley.

Q. Whats your story Trevor, and how did you start this firm?

Ans: I worked in the advertising and media industry prior to Tinypass. I had started a digital agency called Schematic in Los Angeles. We primarily developed media applications for companies like Intel, Nokia, NBC, and Microsoft, but also did a fair amount of digital marketing for large clients like Target. I sold the business to WPP in 200 ...

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