Exclusive Interview with Brent Warrington, CEO of Hyperwallet

Hyperwallet, a San Francisco-based company is the industry-leading payout platform for collaborative economy and marketplace companies. The company provides collaborative economy companies and their workers with a wide range of payments capabilities, integrated financial tools, tax reporting solutions and small-business support services which solve recurring issues, reduce costs and improve the efficiency of global workforce payments distribution. The LTP team had the pleasure of interviewing Brent Warrington, CEO of Hyperwallet. Brent Warrington was the former CEO of SecureNet Payment Systems and joined Hyperwallet as its new CEO in May 2015. As CEO, Warrington’s top priority is the company’s expansion into new global markets, such as the emerging collaborative economy segment.

LTP: What is the story behind the company? Could you give a brief overview of the solution(s) Hyperwallet offers?

Brent Warrington: Hyperwallet is a payments platform that empowers businesses to easily and cost-effectively pay and support their ...

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