Exclusive Interview With Chris Kitze, CEO of Safe.Cash, on the Future of Digital Currency and Challenges Related to Its Adoption

Safe Cash is a digital payment technology that is available to banks, merchants and consumers worldwide. The company is focusing on cash and providing solutions to retain its benefits: immediate settlement, non-repudiation and privacy. To these benefits, Safe Cash adds the immediacy and worldwide distribution of electronic transmission and an improved security model. Built on industry hardware and software standards, the company enables its financial industry partners to gain assets, efficiency and help make the banking system more stable and useful to society.

Recently, the LTP team had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Kitze, CEO of Safe Cash, on the future of digital currency adoption. Chris shared his insights on the challenges companies are facing with digital currencies as well as new partnerships announcement Safe Cash is making at Money 20/20 in Las Vegas. Here is the transcript of the interview:

LTP: For LTP readers who may not be familiar with your company, please tell us about Safe Cash and the services you offer to merchants, banks and developers.

Chri ...

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