Exclusive Interview With CMO and Director, Payment Strategy at Thales E-Security

LTP recently had the opportunity to interview Jose Diaz, Director, Payment Strategy and Peter Galvin, Chief Marketing Officer, Mobile, Cloud & Security Technologies at Thales e-Security at Money 20/20 2015. Thales e-Security is a global provider of data protection solutions with more than 40 years’ experience in securing the world’s most sensitive information.

LTP: Tell me something about Thales e-Security in the payments security space. What are the things you are doing as a company?

Jose Diaz: Thales e-Security provides hardware security modules (HSM). So any acquirers, i.e., processing, PIN transactions in the acquiring industry, they use our HSM for secure cryptographic processing, key protection and key management. We also work on the issuing space where our HSMs are also used to prepare data for EMV cards as well as prepare data that would go into mobile payment applications. Our hardware security modules (HSMs) provide enhanced data protection and threat prevention for mobile, cloud and Web applications. So we work both in the issuing and acquiring spaces. From a crypto perspective, we have partnered with a number of co ...

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