Exclusive Interview with Dave Mayo, CEO of FedFIs

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Dave Mayo from FedFis over the last several months and it’s been a real pleasure to talk to him and his team. Dave knows banking, data, and technology; his experience gives him a unique voice that we think is important to share. We hope you enjoy our conversation with Dave!

Patrick Rivenbark: Thanks for being with us, Dave. Give our audience a brief history lesson about you.

Dave Mayo: Way back in the ‘80s, a company named Sheshunoff, became the first to do in-depth analysis of the banking industry. You may remember the bank books that every banker had in their office, that was the beginning. Everyone knows Austin today as a tech hub, but back then the first software firm in Austin was BPI, the predecessor to what we now know as QuickBooks. Sheshunoff recruited these accounting software gurus to create the first Bank Financial Data ...

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