Exclusive Interview With David Tate, Senior Vice President, Products and Marketing at Blackhawk Network

Let's Talk Payments recently interviewed David Tate. He has served as Senior Vice President, Products and Marketing since December 2013 in Blackhawk Network. David originally joined Blackhawk Network as Regional Vice President, Business Development in October 2001 while the company was a specialty marketing division of Safeway. David was promoted to Group Vice President, Gift Cards in January 2005. David was promoted to General Manager, Core Business in January 2011. Prior to joining Blackhawk, David served in various sales, management and executive roles at On Technology and NewChannel Inc.

1. How big is the social commerce market in US and globally. Booz estimated it to be 15 billion in 2014. Is it so or bigger than this?

The Booz report defined social commerce as consumers making purchases within a social network’s platform, rather than at a retailer’s e-commerce site with these purcha ...

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