Exclusive Interview With Scott Fitzgerald, SVP, Head of Marketing at BlueSnap

1. How do you plan to stand out in a crowded payment gateway space? What according to you is BlueSnap's differentiating factor?

BlueSnap is the only payments provider that truly focuses on the core issue of helping a merchant to convert more shoppers to buyers. Through our Powered Buy Platform, we’re able to focus on reducing checkout friction and abandonment to increase conversions. Furthermore, where some companies offer the best fraud protection, or failover capabilities, or robust subscription billing options, we’re able to offer all three and more. BlueSnap supports merchants through all steps of the process; from setting up the checkout page, to routing bank transactions and providing streamlined reconciliation reporting. This extensive range of capabilities enables BlueSnap to empower its merchants to decrease conversion issues and increase sales.

2. How do you handle cross-currency/cross-country payments? How does your fee vary for FX markets? Also, how do you ensure transparency in the process?

One of the key capabilitie ...

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