Exclusive Interview With Max Klein, CEO & Co-Founder of Float, One of the Fastest & Most Accessible Credit Products on the Market

The LTP Team recently had the pleasure of interviewing Max Klein, CEO & Co-Founder of Float, an alternative lending company providing hassle-free access to a line of credit utilizing a proprietary underwriting solution. Max shared information on Float’s solution and insights on the proprietary underwriting engine that uses transactional and alternative data to systematically assess risk in young consumers. More interesting details to follow in the transcript:

LTP: Float has built a solution that provides a hassle-free line of credit that works with customers’ bank account, not credit score, which is of a great advantage for customers. Could you please tell us more about the solution and its features?

Max Klein: Float is a mobile-first financial service that offers thin-file consumers easy and instant access to a line of credit without a traditional credit report required. Creating an account takes less than 180 seconds and is absolutely risk-free. We have created a real-time underwriting engine that can effectively score consumers without the negative effects of a credit inquiry. Within seconds of connecting a ...

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