Exclusive Interview With Mike Gardner, CEO of Agreement Express: Onboarding Process & Blockchain Use Case in the Leasing Space

Agreement Express is well known to the payments industry as a leading provider of onboarding and underwriting automation and is disrupting the way traditional financial services providers are servicing their clients. Agreement Express has worked with Fortune 500 financial institutions, merchant acquirers and super ISOs like Cayan, Global Payments UK and Mercury Payments to help deliver incredible customer onboarding experiences. As a customer onboarding and risk management expert, Mike Gardner, CEO of Agreement Express, has worked with enterprise-level clients to improve customer acquisition and process challenges. We had an opportunity to chat with Mike about Agreement Express’ approach in the onboarding and underwriting automation process.

LTP: How does Agreement Express’ underwriting feature work? Is it similar to DocuSign? How is your underwriting feature secured?

Mike Gardner: DocuSign is a digital signature platform as opposed to an onboarding pla ...

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