Exclusive Interview with Nikhil Sama, Founder & CEO of InstaPaisa

LTP recently interviewed Nikhil Sama, Founder & CEO of InstaPaisa. Prior to founding InstaPaisa, Nikhil had co-founded SnapLion, and with his latest FinTech venture, he plans to enter the Lending space in India. By leveraging big data and machine learning, InstaPaisa plans to automate the lending process and originate loans online.

The company’s online and mobile platform brings together lenders & borrowers, creates credit profiles using its proprietary, new-age data-based proxy credit score technology, matches borrowers to the best lenders for their profile and executes lending transactions.

LTP: Would you brief us on what InstaPaisa is all about?

Nikhil Sama: We aim to be the marketplace for lending. Lenders can invest in our platform and whil ...

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