Exclusive interview with Rob Macmillan, VP Marketing for Proxama Digital Payments division

LTP recently got a chance to interview the VP of Marketing for Proxama Digital Payments division, Rob Macmillan.

Proxama PLC is an international mobile commerce company operating across two divisions specializing in proximity marketing via mobile and providing end-to-end solutions for card issuers to move customers from magnetic stripe credit and debit cards to contactless mobile payments.

The company provides end-to-end digital solutions to banks and card issuers to securely transition their card portfolio onto mobile for near field communication (NFC) contactless payments as well as solutions for EMV enablement, Electronic PIN Delivery, tokenization and card issuance management.

LTP: Proxama started as a proximity marketing company. How did you get into payments?

Rob Macmillan: Neil Garner is the founder of Proxama and he was already active in the payments industry. He has done a lot of individual work through previous companies around card specification and contactless payments. So he alrea ...

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