Exclusive Interview With Sam Rehman, CTO of Arxan Technologies: In-Depth Insights on HCE Security, HCE vs. NFC and Android Pay

With the launch of Android Pay in September 2015, Google responded to Apple Pay after a full long year. However, unlike Apple, not all Android devices are NFC-enabled. HCE, or host card emulation, is a cloud-based protocol that promises to simplify mobile contactless payment implementations and has successfully been acting as a replacement for NFC for Android phones. HCE allows customers to use any near field communication-enabled (NFC) Android phone to pay at a point-of-sale. One might be interested in how Android Pay rivals Apple Pay in securing point-of-sale purchases and purchases within mobile apps. Android is more widely used than iOS and presents a security challenge because of the number of devices and operating systems. To meet this challenge, there are some new advances in Android’s software-based HCE payments model that are closing the security gap with Apple Pay and striking a balance between security and privacy.

Sam Rehman, CTO of Arxan Technologies—a company which protects the software in mobile wallets, P2P payments and POS systems and hardens the applications used by consumers to perform payment transactions, deposits ...

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