Exclusive Interview with Scott Galit, CEO of Payoneer

As we roll out the new LTP, we are pleased to present this conversation between Scott Galit, CEO of Payoneer and Aditya Khurjekar of LTP.

LTP) How would you explain Payoneer in your own words to those who may not be familiar with the company?

Scott Galit) We have a thesis on why we exist and why there’s a need for Payoneer. Our goal is to simply transform the way businesses pay each other for cross-border sales, goods, and services. Simply put, we’re looking to transform cross-border business payments.

There is a three-part underlying thesis:

  1. Small businesses of all sizes, all over the world, are increasingly technology enabled, connected and global. We think this is a permanent shift in change of how the world works; it’s a very disruptive force.
  2. There’s a last mile for money, it’s local, regulated, controlled by financial institutions and we don’t believe that that’s going to change.
  3. The gap between what businesses in this modern, digital world that is hyper-connected, what their businesses need in order to operate and what the financial institutions are able to provide widens by the day. There needs to be ...
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