Exclusive Interview with Sherri Haymond, Group Head, Digital Channel Engagement, MasterCard: Detailed Insights into Company’s MDES Express Launch

MasterCard announced the launch of MasterCard Digital Enablement Express (Express) today. Express is a set of commercial terms laid down by MasterCard for issuers, token requesters and others to access their MasterCard Digital Enable Service (MDES) platform quickly and seamlessly. Express will expedite the process of digitization and tokenization of payments made through MasterCard accounts. Google (Android Pay) and Samsung Pay will be joining the Express program by MasterCard. Big banks like Capital One, Fifth Third Bank and KeyBank will also extend support for Express. We had an opportunity to discuss this launch with Sherri Haymond, Group Head, Digital Channel Engagement, MasterCard. Here’s an almost verbatim transcription of the interview conducted only hours before:

LTP: What’s the difference between MasterCard Digital Enablement Service (MDES) and MasterCard Digital Enablement Express?

Sherri Haymond: MDES is a platform via which we provide tokenization, digitization and credential management services. MDES is the platform and Express is a standard default set of commercial terms th ...

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