Exclusive Interview with Souheil Badran, CEO of edo, on the Card-Linked Platform and Partnership with SaveAround

On October 27th at Las Vegas, CEO of edo Souheil Badran participated in a panel and shared his insights on card-linking as an emerging essential tool for digital commerce. The LTP team interviewed Souheil on the subject and Souheil talked about his vision of the future of the solution and edo’s announcement at Money 20/20. Here is the transcript of the interview with Souheil:

LTP: For LTP readers who may not be familiar with your company, please tell us about edo and how edo helps businesses to find new customers. Who are your biggest clients and how fast is the company growing?

Souheil Badran: We are a platform for card-linked marketing offers. Working with financial institutions and brand advertisers, we use our analytics capabilities to better understand c ...

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