Exclusive Interview With the Founders of Happay

Let’s Talk Payments team recently interviewed the founders of Happay. Happay is a prepaid card based, business expense management solution that automates client's expense workflow from purchase to accounting, and enables real-time visibility and control over employee spending. The company is based out of India and recently raised a US$500,000 seed round from AngelPrime.

LTP: What is the vision of Happay? Why did you change focus to B2B from B2C? What are the key challenges you faced in the market?

Anshul & Varun: The aim of Happay is to make paying a happier experience. Happay started with a consumer-based product focusing on P2P transfers. At that point, Happay was the first product which was a platform-agnostic mobile app which worked on GPRS technology and allowed peer-to-peer payment solutions with mobile being the enablers. The product was focused on simplifying peer-to-peer paym ...

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