Exclusive Interview With Tom Burgess, Founder & CEO of Linkable Networks

Let’s Talk Payments recently had the pleasure of interviewing Tom Burgess, Founder & CEO of Linkable Networks. Tom Burgess, a serial entrepreneur and avid adventurer. With deep-rooted experience across the advertising and digital media industries, this seasoned executive searches for industry pain points and creates powerful, forward-thinking solutions to revolutionize how business gets done. He’s a strong believer that obstacles present the greatest opportunities. In 2001,

Tom founded Third Screen Media, the world’s first mobile advertising network. It was acquired in 2007 by AOL and set the standard for wireless advertising as well as Tom’s ability to deliver a strong return for investors. He previously served as President of Internet portal, and as founder and CEO of both 9th Square and Echomedia.

When not sailing the world, Tom is founding and building disruptive media companies. He is a frequent speaker at global industry events and has been quoted or featured i ...

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