Exclusive Interview With Tom Villante, CEO & Co-founder of Yapstone: Payments Processing Company Behind The Rental Industry

In 1999, Tom Villante founded YapStone with the simple goal of making paying bills a little easier. Focused on eliminating the paper check, YapStone launched, one of the first electronic payment solutions for the multi-family rental industry. Today, the YapStone platform powers payments for thousands of partners in multiple industries, including multi-family, vacation rentals and non-profit. With Tom’s leadership as Founder, Chairman and CEO, and his ability to predict market trends, YapStone is well-positioned to seize new opportunities. The company is expecting 45% revenue growth in 2015 and has a different approach in payments processing than other players in the market. We had an opportunity to chat with Tom to discuss company goals, go-to-market strategy and the payments industry in general. Her ...

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